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Our IB program offers a tremendous opportunity for brokers and traders to expand their business and revenue potential, while at the same time offering their clients high levels of service and support. In other words, collaborating with us helps you boost your earnings, grow your market share and receive all the support and assistance you need 24/5 from one of our experienced professionals.

Brokers with significant client base can really increase their revenues by introducing their clients to Agra Markets. Not only will Agra offer exciting trade opportunities and services to your clients, it will make sure that your compensation also increases considerably. The more clients you bring, the more activity they do, the more commission you make. That’s not all – whatever the outcome of your client’s trade, you earn commission anyway. To sum it up, an IB always remains on the brighter side.

At Agra Markets, we value our relationships strongly and we value our dedicated partners. Our experienced team is here to assist introducing brokers with growing their financial markets business. With our deep understanding on the essentials of the financial market industry world, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of our partners so that we can grow together. We strongly understand our partners’ needs and goals and aim to assist in helping them achieve their targets.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming an introducing broker with Agra:

  • Reliable business facilitator: Already many institutions and individuals have leveraged the benefits of joining our IB program. Apart from getting a higher compensation module, you are also saved from the hassles of individual account management.
  • Bonuses: Not only do you enjoy the tightest spreads with variable bonuses, you also get 24/5 multilingual support.
  • Value added services: Introducing Brokers can customize our trading platforms for lead generation, sales support, market opportunities and much more. We also handle all back office functions saving them the hassles of maintaining multiple accounts.
  • Purchasing power: The enhanced purchasing power of Agra Markets enables it to provide products to affiliates with price points that are better than other sales channels.
  • Reliable and profitable: Being a part of the trading world for more than two decades, Agra provides reliable services to both brokers and the clients that they bring with them.
  • It’s easy, convenient, reliable and profitable and most of all, it doesn’t require any initial capital from your side. With our expertise and your support, Agra will certainly change the face of the trading world for the better and take your trading profits to the next level.

As an IB Agra Markets will provide you with:

  • A competitive payment structure,
  • Rebates based on a proportion of commission or spread,
  • Your own dedicated account management team,
  • Full access to our support team for you and your customers,
  • Multilingual support,
  • Transparent, real time reporting,
  • The possibility to earn from over 100 different markets.
  • We Offer multi tier IB plan in wich you
    benefit form the IBs of your IB

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