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Deposit Bonus

Open a trading account and deposit up to 10,000$ and receive 5,000$ Bonus

The bonus can be received when you deposit funds to MetaTrader4/MetaTrader5-based 1 pip standard accounts.

The total amount of Deposit Scheme Bonus on a single account (depending on the account currency) is up to 5,000 USD

Both the Client’s own funds and Deposit Scheme Bonus can be used in trading without any limitations and restrictions but The Client can withdraw his own funds and Bonus is not withdrawable.

In case of a Stop Out in the live account, Stop Out levels apply at the Bonus amount.

Each client can receive one Deposit Scheme Bonus at a time, if the same Deposit has not been lost, the Company will not give additional Bonus to the client unless same deposit has been lost and funds have been deposited to the account.

Referral Program

Trade with your friend for more fun and more funds!

Refer more friends, get more bonuses!

The more friends you refer, the more bonuses you get. For every client that registers via your referral code, tops up their account and commence the required trading activity, you and your friend get rewarded.


Agra provides its customers with industry leading spreads.We offer the most convenient and cost effective solution according to your trading style.

Contact your sales representative for the right solution. Our low cost, high performance trading conditions helps our customer maximise their returns. For all the spreads provided please refer to the table below.

If you wish to discuss your personal trading requirements, please get in touch with our support team.


Enjoy our perfect account boost, 1:500 leverage
With leverage, you can use borrowed funds and increase your positions than what you can normally with your own equity.
You can use leverage to get profit from small price changes in various instruments.
Leverage can increase your profit and also your loss.

Swap Free

We are offering a leveraged trading environment, where our clients can trade spot and cfd products with up to 1:500 leverage. Basically leverage is loan that is provided to an investor by the broker. Based on 1:1 trading where there is no leverage in place, for example 1 lot XAUUSD (100 ounce of gold) would mean 1405 * 100 = 140,500 USD margin requirement (depending on market price). On the other hand, for the same position, our clients are actually paying 1405 * 100 / 100 * 1= 1405 USD. Therefore, the difference between the two margin requirements would be financed by our company, which we have to pass on to the client in the form of swap. Therefore, if a spot position is held overnight, the clients will pay or earn swap. Nevertheless, we are also offering swap free account type to help your clients get rid of this swap cost only if they meet certain lot criteria.

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years of experience
tradeable instrument
leverage up to 1:500

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High Performance

• High speed of execution
• Easy to use trading technology
• 200+ Trading instruments offered
• Desktop & Mobile Trading Platforms

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• Risk Management
• Never Blocking Money
• 24 Hr Customer Support
• Easy money withdrawal process

High Profit

• No slow execution losses
• Promotion deposit bonus
• Better offerings in leverage, commissions
• Low margin levels and competitive spreads

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